Day Care

Music Together

Musical experiences for children and parents

In "Music Together" we use a curriculum based on folk and traditional songs and rhymes because of their natural melodic expressiveness, natural flow of the language, and texts filled with wonder. It is also based on early childhood research related to the development of:

  1. music intelligence

  2. singing skills

  3. sensitivity to the beat and beat groups

  4. expressive movement

  5. musical memory

  6. preferences

  7. neurological connections


Our goals are for children to become:

Beat-ful - develop accurate rhythmic skills

Tune-ful - develop accurate singing skills

Artful - develop sensitivity to the expressive qualities in music

Just like verbal language, a great deal of a child’s innate musical development will happen (or not happen) by the age of 4. We believe that every child deserves to have a solid foundation in musical skill—not so that he or she may become a world-class performer—but in order to appreciate and create music when and how they want. 

These classes are for the parents to learn the activities as well as for the children's enjoyment. Parents will go home with repertoire of songs and rhymes so they can continue musical playtime throughout their child's early development. Parents do NOT have to be exceptionally musical themselves in order to enjoy making music with their child!

Our next term will begin the week of November 8th and conclude the week of December 12th. There will be no lessons the week of November 22nd.

If you are registering a 3-year-old, you can choose between the younger or older classes. Both are appropriate.

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