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Group Lessons

Group lessons don't work well for every instrument, but they're a great way to learn
guitar and ukulele!


Our guitar instructors work together to make sure that students can seamlessly progress from a beginner to an advanced player. We cap our classes at six participants so each student can still get the attention they need from the instructor, but they also have the enjoyment of playing together.

To determine which guitar class you fit in, follow this guide:

Beginner Class - Second grade or older, not yet fluent with the following chords: D G A E C Em A7.

Intermediate Class - Has completed the Beginner Class OR is already fluent with the following chords:
D G A E C Em A7

Advanced Class - Has completed the Intermediate class OR is already fluent with the following chords:
D G A E C F Em Am Bm A7 D7 G7


The Ukulele is a great instrument for musicians of ALL ages who want to try something new! The strings and chords are easier than their guitar counterparts, making it a great option for younger students whose fingers aren't quite ready for the guitar.

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Our summer term will begin the week of June 6th and conclude August 17th. We do not have any guitar or ukulele classes scheduled for the summer, but we can schedule 'group' lessons for family members and/or friends (ie. parent/child, siblings, etc.). Contact us for tuition information.